Waxing with Paper Method (Novice)

  1. Before sugaring, make sure you cleanse and dry the area to be sugared before beginning the procedure. A powder (or towel) should be used to keep the area dry at all times. (optional)
  2. Heat the jar in a sugaring warmer, or microwave for 10-20 second increments until you can pick up soft consistency sugar. (Overheating will cause wax to become too soft and will stick to your skin):

*Our Warming Recommendation: Warm wax by dipping jar in 3/4 of hot water in pot for 3-5 minutes (test consistency up to honey like texture or up to one’s liking)

  1. Check Temperature and test on skin near wrist to make sure its not too hot and prevent burn.
  2. Use applicator stick to place an ample amount of wax and spread "thinly" to desired area (like spreading butter on bread) spread *with the grain of your hair.
  3. Place paper wax and press firmly. Leave cloth for up to 3-5 seconds pressing firmly again on paper wax.
  4. Once ready quickly pull waxing paper cloth in opposite direction of hair growth! and WALA Hooray! You DID IT!


-If you're waxing a lot of hair.. reheat wax if wax starts to settle or use wax warmer at specific temperature for constant consistency


Waxing Sugaring Method...