Waxing Sugaring Method (Intermediate)

  1. Before sugaring, make sure you cleanse and dry the area to be sugared before beginning the procedure. A powder (or towel) should be used to keep the area dry at all times. (optional)
  2. Heat the jar in a sugaring warmer, or microwave for 10-20 second increments until you can pick up soft pliable ball of sugar in your fingertips. (Overheating will cause the ball to become too soft and will stick to your skin) :

*Our Warming Recommendation: Warm wax by dipping jar in 3/4 of hot water in pot for 1-3 minutes (test consistency up to one’s liking^)

  1. Glide the sugaring paste in a fluid motion in the opposite direction of hair using your fingertips. Make 1-3 passes over the area.
  2. Flick the sugaring paste off of your skin in the direction of hair.


- If the ball of sugaring paste sticks to the skin use a wash cloth with water to remove from skin.

- If the sugaring paste keeps getting stuck make faster passes with the sugaring paste. Use a new ball that is not overheated. Use more powder.

- Do not go over an area more than 2-3 times or you may experience bruising.

- Once the sugaring paste gets gooey throw away and grab a new ball.


Waxing with Wax Paper Method...